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Case Study

Flavours of the world – Activities week in school

A large school on the outskirts of Bournemouth wanted to enrich their activities week for their Junior school students.

With careful planning, and great partnership work between the school and Flavours, every child in the school was able to take part in a cookery lesson on-site over three days. The young people were all delighted to see their hall transformed into a kitchen, complete with chefs, cookers and dining tables!

With two menus from our World Cuisine selection, each pupil was able to cook, serve and sample a 5 course meal – for many it was the first time they had seen or smelt many of the herbs and spices. Our Indian menu included onion bhajis, chapatis, lentil daal, raita and a refreshing carrot salad, whilst our Moroccan selection featured hummus, tabouleh, a mashed carrot salad, felafel and harira – a spicy North African stew.

The structure of the days were adapted to suit the ages of the pupils, but the outcomes were equally outstanding. In Key Stage 1 the children used graters and potato mashers, whereas in Key Stage 2 the chef taught safe use of kitchen knives and scissors to produce the same dishes. The secondary school students spent most of the day with their noses pressed against the windows – much to the delight of the Junior School.