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Making Bread is one of the world’s oldest skills.

The smell of bread wafting from your oven is something that cannot be beaten!

To make bread in its purest form is very easy as it only has four ingredients - salt, flour, water, yeast.  Making real bread is a labour of love and incredibly satisfying. We will teach you how to mould and knead by hand - a process that has been done for over thousands of years.

Basic Bread Dough Class

This is very hands-on as all the bread dough’s need at least 8-10 minutes kneading time; you will find this hopefully very relaxing and informative. You will see and feel the bread dough growing and coming to life and if you are a complete novice this is the best way to learn about bread.

You will able to work on your techniques and find out more about the do's and don't's. You will also learn bread baking terminology such as 'first prove', 'second prove', 'knock back' and so on.

At the end of this 4.5 hour class you will have a number of different breads to take home, chef will even inform you which one can be frozen if needed.

Enriched Dough Class

This is the basic doughs four ingredients salt, flour, water and yeast with the addition of enriching ingredients such as eggs, butter, milk to give the finished dough a richer, buttery lighter finish.

Making real bread is a labour of true love not to mention very satisfying, we will teach you how to create the dough from scratch, timing and temperatures, creating loaves and shaped rolls ready for baking.

Festive Bread Class

This edition to our Artisan Bread Making Classes is a very popular class, breads that are renowned for the seasonal periods with dried fruits, nuts & spices, a mix of savoury and sweet breads wreaths, panettone, hot cross buns.

Farmhouse Bread Class

This bread making classes, the Farmhouse Doughs are based on Sour dough starters, wholegrain, Rye & other flours to create country loaves or bloomers with the addition of dried fruit and nuts to enhance the texture of these breads which are generally denser but a chewier sponge and a heavy crust, deep dark treacle coloured finish.


All the dishes you create within this 'hands-on' class you’ll get to take home. All ingredients, take-away containers, aprons, equipment and refreshments throughout are provided by us.

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