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Caribbean Soul Food


A number of the dishes definitely have plenty of the Caribbean sunshine, in their hot and spicy flavours, some using the legendary Scotch Bonnet chilli - but how much you use is up to you!

You will get to cook some real Jamaican delights:

Salt Fish fritters
Sugared Dumplings
(Kidney Beans) Rice & Peas

Or what about:

Jerk Pork
Curried Goat
Banana Fritters
Pineapple Punch, non-alcoholic unless you like a touch of Jamaican Rum!

This is a really fun and tasty class to 'Cook and take home'.

There are 3 things needed to make great Jamaican/Caribbean food at home:

Jamaican Dutch Pot, AKA Dutchy, Dutchie or Dutch-pot.
This cooking pot is essential in most Jamaican and Caribbean homes used to cook Curry Goat & Oxtail.

Scotch Bonnet chilli also known as Boabs Bonnet, Scotty Bon’s, Bonney Peppers, or Caribbean Red Peppers.
This variety of chilli pepper is found mainly in the Caribbean Islands and also can be called Ball of Fire. Fresh, ripe Scotch Bonnets change from green to yellow then scarlet red. If you’re not a big fan of chilli heat you could try the 'walk the chilli method' (You tie a piece of string onto the stalk then tie the other end to the handle of your cooking pot then drop the chilli into the pot and leave it to cook when your dish is ready you can then pull out the chilli with ease and you will find that it should not be too hot as the seeds have not been exposed to your dish).

Jamaican cuisine is made up from a mix, kaleidoscope of spices from all over the world, so when using spices from the Caribbean it is important to know that timing and quantity have a great role in creating a great dish and that the spices must work in combination, many can be over powering so practice and measurements are important.


All the dishes you create within this 'hands-on' class you’ll get to take home. All ingredients, take-away containers, aprons, equipment and refreshments throughout are provided by us.