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Chinese Fusion

One of our exciting new classes, meet Chef Sal - born in Hong Kong, influenced in Dorset. 

Spend the evening learning from our talented expert and professional chef, who will reveal secrets of Chinese cooking, fused with modern techniques and flavours.  

This class will inspire you to explore this versatile cuisine with confidence and motivate you to continue your Chinese adventure.  

Do you ever wonder what the secret is to perfect rice cookery? What noodles to use for which dish? Find out in this class! Chef Sal will take you through some familiar classics, using some unusual ingredients, offering you authentic flavours and techniques.  

We source our meat, fish and vegetables from local independent suppliers and specialist independent international suppliers to ensure everything is as authentic as possible.   

In this class you will be making dishes like:  

Black bean chicken, Sticky pork belly, Dumplings with a seasonal filling and a rice or noodles dish to complete the menu.