Flavours Christmas Classes 2023
Festive Flavours


Festive ‘sweet’ Breads

With the limitations of fresh fruits in the winter months, join this class and get inspired with what is at our fingertips!

This class contains all the skills to make a perfect enriched dough, involving key techniques of shaping, scaling, moulding, proving, and baking.

We use Shipton Mill Flour, preserved fruits including Angelica and homemade Pistachio Marzipan.

Professional kitchens can contain a lot of specialist equipment, but in this class, we focus on the tips and tricks for creating in a domestic kitchen, making our dishes hassle free for you to replicate at home.

Make and take away these goodies and cozy up with a hot drink to while away those winter days.

On the menu this year we have: Sumptuous Stollen, Perfect Panettone, Elegant Festive Wreath.

Although snacks and refreshments are provided throughout the class, we do recommend that you eat a light meal before you come.

Merry Cakes and Bakes

Planning seasonal get-togethers? Well, look no further, get all your prep done in this class.

Discover how to make these tasty delights, all suitable for the freezer and ready for you to get out and defrost for your visitors!

You will make individual Linzer tortes, lined with a light hazelnut pastry and filled with a Flavours’ made raspberry jam.

Take a trip down memory lane with these Fig rolls, make your own biscuit dough steeped with cinnamon and stem ginger, and a filling containing Figs and Local Hurn honey.

The final dish will be Chocolate Orange window cake, most of you know this as Battenberg – we are renovating this traditional classic to this modern delight using high quality Callebaut Cocao.

Although snacks and refreshments are provided throughout the class, we do recommend that you eat a light meal before you come.

Christmas Chocoholics

Are you ever at a loss for those finishing touches? Look no further.

In this class you will create something perfect to serve, share with those Festive visitors or even give as gifts.

We are using the high grade Callebaut Couverture and Cocao in this session, Brandy from our neighbour at the Jolly Vintner too’, Flavours’ own preserved mincemeat.

Have chocolate fun in this class, meet new people and learn new skills.

On the menu we have: Christmas Pudding Cake Pops, Brandy Truffles, Chocolate Orange Mince Pies.

We provide pretty gift boxes, ribbons, and tags to present and takeaway these delights.Although snacks and refreshments are provided throughout the class, we do recommend that you eat a light meal before you come.

Yuletide Canapes

Its easy to buy party food, sometimes it can seem like too much effort to make your own.

We’ve done the hard work for you in this class!

We have written the menu, sourced the ingredients, planned the order of work, all you have to do is turn up and participate and have fun! At the end of this session, you will have a large platter of these delights to take home.

Now, it’s up to you how you use them…you can share with your office team, gather some friends or family, and let them taste your marvellous creations, or…you can eat them all yourself.

On the menu we have:

Spinach and blue’ crowns: shaking things up and changing textures, giving you powerful flavours, spinach polenta base with a blue cheese crown, topped with caramelised pecans.

Beetroot roulade: like marmite beetroot can be a love or hate, but this could just change your mind! Beetroot inspired savoury sponge rolled with goats’ cheese and topped with charred cauliflower.

Tandoori tower: tandoori marinated chicken, bhaji base with cooling fennel seed riata.

Potted prawns: a twist on this classic, made dainty and delicate to form a bitesize delight.

Although snacks and refreshments are provided throughout the class, we do recommend that you eat a light meal before you come.

Festive Preserves

When considering what condiments for the Festive break, it can often end up in a last-minute dash to the shops!

Get ahead of the game with this class, see and taste the benefits of making your own

Ploughman’s style Pickle, Piccalilli, Sauerkraut, Cranberry Orange compote.

We work with a range of spices, vinegars, and sugars in this class.

Chef will teach you the difference between them and the reasons why we use those ingredients for dishes. This class is a great way to hone those knife skills and gain confidence and technique, with Chefs’ professional tips.

Come to our kitchen this Winter, meet new people and enjoy the communal cookery environment Flavours’ has to offer.

We provide jars and labels for your preserves, compote, and chutney, ideal for gift giving.

Although snacks and refreshments are provided throughout the class, we do recommend that you eat a light meal before you come.

Festive frivolities: Coffee morning: sweet and savoury.

Our coffee mornings have a great vibe!

Come and experience all that an interactive demonstration has to offer.

Step in and soak up the freshly baked aromas of our kitchen, awaken your senses the smell of great food. Taste our fresh bakes on arrival, Unlimited tea and coffee and soft drink available.

Relax and enjoy in this session, let chef entertain you.

Observe, ask questions, or join in! it up to you.

Our professional chef will demonstrate these dishes, creating the environment for imparting all those chefs tips you can’t read about.

On the menu:

  • Cheese and olive breadstick twists,
  • Mini Panettone
  • Brandy Coffee Opera Torte
  • Cranberry and Apple tart fines

Taste the difference with a homemade, hand rolled laminated Puff Pastry.

Identify the key points to an enriched dough.

Discover the careful skills of a Genoese, layering and what makes a Torte.

Encounter the tips for natural flavour enhancing when working with cranberry and apple.

This class is a great way to enjoy and experience Flavours School of Cookery with your loved one, family member of best friend. Or come by yourself and meet new people, soak up our foodie community atmosphere, share common interests with others. Your even get to take a box of cakes home with you!

Festive Ready Steady Cook!

Be brave this Winter! Experience the atmosphere of our Ready, Steady, Cook.

Perfect for a family or friend activity, or small office party.

Group sizes are for a minimum of 8 or maximum of 12.

Each group will make the following and gain points from Chef for the production and Plating of the following dishes, after the hard work is done, dine in with us and enjoy the creations!

  • Spiced parsnip soup
  • Elegant roast turkey. Chestnut sausage stuffing encased in a turkey paupiette.
  • Chocolate fondant, with a brandy coating: flambe if you are feeling brave and gain extra points! Serve with Christmas spiced ice-cream.

The format of this session aims at a cook time 1.5 hours, dine time 1 hour.

Who wins? Chef decides!

A prize is awarded to the winning team.


All the dishes you create within this 'hands-on' class you’ll get to take home. All ingredients, take-away containers, aprons, equipment and refreshments throughout are provided by us.