Greek mezze 1
Taverna Style

Greek Mezze

Translated literally, the word meze (meh-ZEH) means a taste or a bite. It is used to describe small plates of savoury snacks that are served as a complement to drinks. 

Grab a fork and have a seat at the table! Friends and loved ones are getting together for an evening of laughter, drinks, and most of all, plate after plate of delectable Greek food.

The meze table is a traditional gathering place - warm, inviting, and always casual. It is an atmosphere where the plates are communal, the conversation is spirited, and the pace is leisurely. This style of entertaining encourages people to come and join the party. Tables are pushed together to accommodate newcomers, and more plates and drinks are ordered.

Meze offerings can be simple or elaborate. In seaside villages, you will find small plates of grilled octopus or fried smelts called marithes (mah-REE-thes). In other parts of Greece, small meatballs or keftedakia (keh-fte-THA-kya) are served along with some fried potatoes drizzled with lemon. Savory phyllo triangles filled with cheese or tiropites (tee-ROH-pee-tes) are also served as well as a skillet-fried cheese dish known as saganaki (sah-gah-NAH-kee).

Let our chef introduce you to the delights of Greek-style mezze dishes!

What to expect:

All our classes take a hands-on approach to cooking, and you’ll be learning recipes from scratch. Our friendly chef will teach you all the tricks of the trade, starting with a fun and informative demonstration. After that, it’s over to you! You’ll be able to taste your food throughout the cooking process and season your plate to your liking. Throughout the evening chef will invite you to sample their food.

Sample Menu

(Dishes will vary according to season and availability of ingredients):

  • Baked shrimp
  • Lemon bougatsa
  • Yemaista - Stuffed onions
  • Pita bread

Dates: Visit our class schedule to see the next dates that are available.

What’s included:

  • Expert guidance from our chef teacher and assistants
  • All ingredients and equipment
  • Apron to wear in class.
  • Class recipes *You will be e-mailed all the recipes you have cooked with us after the class.
  • Refreshments and snacks available throughout the class 
  • Takeaway containers to take your creations home in (although feel free to bring your own or a cool bag if travelling far)

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