Japanese cooking
An introduction to

Oishii Japanese

From elegant nigiri sushi to rich bowls of pork-laden ramen, Japanese food has become famous throughout the world. But Japanese cuisine is far more than sushi and ramen. Cuisine in Japan is incredibly diverse, emphasizing both seasonality and quality of ingredients. Food in Japan can be light and refreshing, evidenced by tsukemono (pickled vegetables) or buckwheat soba noodles. It can be rich and hearty, like Japanese fried chicken or curry.  

Learn from our friendly chefs how Japanese cuisine is often a careful balance of preserved foods with rice as a staple, offering the use of fish more often than meats. 

Explore the ethos of Japanese food - letting the natural elements of ingredients speak for themselves in flavour, partnering multiple dishes to ensure a balanced and nutritious meal. 

This class is a perfect introduction to Japanese cuisine. Our chef will guide you through the workings of each dish, cooking along with you, encouraging you to taste samples along the way. And best of all, you take all your food home with you and receive recipe e-cards 

We provide all ingredients and equipment, offering refreshments throughout. 

What to expect: 

All our classes take a hands-on approach to cooking, and you’ll be learning recipes from scratch. Our friendly chef will teach you all the tricks of the trade, starting with a fun and informative demonstration. After that, it’s over to you! You’ll be able to taste your food throughout the cooking process and season your plate to your liking. Throughout the evening chef will invite you to sample their food. 

Dates: Visit our class schedule to see the next dates that are available. 

Sample Menu

(Dishes will vary according to season and availability of ingredients): 

  • Beef Gyudon 
  • Chicken Sesame Ramen 
  • Osaka Style Okonomiyaki 

What’s included: 

  • Expert guidance from our chef teacher and assistants 
  • All ingredients and equipment 
  • Apron to wear in class. 
  • Class recipes *You will be e-mailed all the recipes you have cooked with us after the class. 
  • Refreshments and snacks available throughout the class  
  • Takeaway containers to take your creations home in (although feel free to bring your own or a cool bag if travelling far) 

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