Case Study

Rewarding resilience and overcoming challenge

The ‘Create Change Club’ is a programme of enrichment activities for a select group of young people at a small primary school in Boscombe.

To reward the group for their hard work throughout the year and celebrate their successes, they came to Flavours for one of our ‘Takeaway’ sessions. Working under the supervision of our resident teacher, Marcus, ten Key Stage 2 pupils had the time of their life making two of their favourite dishes.

They started with a traditional apple pie, making and rolling out their own shortcrust pastry, peeling and chopping apples and adding spices and raisins to make it special. While the aroma of freshly baked apple pies filled the kitchen, they set to work on their spinach and cheese lasagnes.

Showing real collaborative skills and resilience when things got tricky, all ten pupils were able to ‘takeaway’ dinner for that evening – much to the delight of their parents and carers. Their pride in what they had achieved was self-evident in their broad smiles. The end of the session was a collective sampling of chef’s dishes – which were a hit all round.