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Sushi is not just about raw fish, which is what most people seem to think! There is so much more waiting for you than just RAW FISH, so give it a go!

This great way of eating consists of cooked seasoned rice “Sushi-meshi” which is combined with other ingredients “Neta”, and can contain raw fish or cooked seafood.

There are two well-known types Sashimi, which is raw fish served on its own and then there’s Sushi which is rice with a combination of cooked meat, fish, vegetables and sometimes fish eggs.

Sushi was first developed in Southeast Asia then went on to Southern China before its introduction to Japan and so in this class we will bring some of that history to you.

In the class

You will be shown different types of Sushi, the Japanese are very precise about the execution of their dishes, which can make it very hard to replicate, resulting in sticky hands, flavourless rice and dampened spirits. We have selected some popular pieces to recreate.

Sushi Types

Nigiri-zushi: bundles of rice, topped with wasabi and fish. Once served, nigiri should be taken by the fingers and dipped fish-side only into soy sauce then laying directly on the tongue for maximum flavour.

Sashimi: simply raw fish, sliced thinly, served without rice. Sashimi can consist of salmon, squid, or other fresh seafood.

Chirashi-zushi: prepared in a bowl, with several different kinds of fish and vegetables mixed in with rice. This dish can be compared to a salad.

Oshizushi: (literally means "pressed sushi") is made by layering the ingredients on top of rice in a wooden mould, known as an Oshizushi-Bako.

Maki-zushi: the most popular variety of sushi - rice and seafood, rolled up in nori seaweed.

There is so much to learn and taste in this class you will be amazed - chef will walk you through how important the rice is, how to cook and season it, we will have fresh ingredients ready for you to start rolling the moment your own cooked rice is ready. You will take home a platter of your hand made Sushi ready to share and show off!


All the dishes you create within this 'hands-on' class you’ll get to take home. All ingredients, take-away containers, aprons, equipment and refreshments throughout are provided by us.