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The Food Of Thailand

In Thailand, food forms a central part of any social occasion, and it often becomes the social occasion in itself! This is partly due to the friendly, social nature of Thai people, but also because of the way in which food is ordered, served, and eaten. Family and friends unite and share through food. 

A typical Thai meal includes five main flavours: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy. Most Thai dishes are not considered satisfying unless they combine all five.  

In our hands-on class our chefs will show you how to achieve this balance of complex flavours using chillies, limes, fish sauce, Thai basil and coriander.  Together, we will look at where you can source all the necessary ingredients locally, enabling you to recreate the dishes at home. 

At the start of the class, we will walk you through the smells and taste of the ingredients. This will give you a really good feel for Thai food before your fresh ingredients are brought out on individual trays ready to start cooking. 

Chef will encourage you to taste as you cook, so there will be ample opportunity to give your taste buds a real workout! 

At the end of the class, you will have cooked an entire Thai meal including rice and dipping sauces. This is a great class for people who already love Thai food or those who want to try it for the first time. Sign up and transport yourself to Bangkok, through the flavours and aromas of Thai food! 

We run three different classes around Thai cuisine, each with different dishes. If you come once you’ll definitely back for the rest of the series! 

Thai Street Food 

Thai Street Food brings together various offerings of ready-to-eat meals & snacks, sold at food stalls on the street side in Thailand. Sampling Thai street food is very popular, as it offers a taste of traditional Thai cooking. 

Thai Tapas 

We will cover different tapas dishes all with the unique balance of Thai flavours. Chef will show you the four steps to Thai cooking, hot, sour, sweet & salty all in bite-size mouthfuls. 

Taste of Thailand 

We aim to cook three dishes within a 2.5-hour class, and the opportunity to make two pastes to use and take home. 

What to expect: 

All our classes take a hands-on approach to cooking, and you’ll be learning recipes from scratch. Our friendly chef will teach you all the tricks of the trade, starting with a fun and informative demonstration. After that, it’s over to you! You’ll be able to taste your food throughout the cooking process and season your plate to your liking. Throughout the evening chef will invite you to sample their food. 

Dates: Visit our class schedule to see the next dates that are available. 

Sample Menu

(Dishes will vary according to season and availability of ingredients): 

Thai Tapas 

  • Chilli beef  
  • Duck noodle soup  
  • Banana/ KB parcel  
  • Tamarind prawns

Thai street food 

  • Pad Thai Noodles 
  • Chicken Jungle Curry 
  • Red Thai Prawn Curry

Taste of Thailand 

  • Beef Massaman 
  • Massaman Curry Paste 
  • Thai Yellow Paste 
  • Yellow Thai Curry with chicken 

What’s included: 

  • Expert guidance from our chef teacher and assistants 
  • All ingredients and equipment 
  • Apron to wear in class. 
  • Class recipes *You will be e-mailed all the recipes you have cooked with us after the class. 
  • Refreshments and snacks available throughout the class  
  • Takeaway containers to take your creations home in (although feel free to bring your own or a cool bag if travelling far)

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